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Facts and Figures

          High capacity transport - Smarter policies for smart transport solutions

          by ACEA (European Automobile Manufacturers Association)


          pdfacea_paper-high_capacity_transport.pdf (438.8 KB)



           Report including evaluation results of the German LHV trial (2012-2014)

           Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)



           pdf bast_report.pdf (1.1 MB)  




             An evaluation has been published outlining the first results of the trial of the European Modular System in Flanders, Belgium (in Dutch only)

             Steunpunt Verkeersveiligheid



            pdf evaluation_of_flanders_trial.pdf (2.3 MB)




            Following the extensive Danish trials into the European Modular System the Danish Government produced a detailed report into the trial

            and a more smaller brochure providing basic information on the EMS. 


             evaluation_of_trial_with_europan_modular_system_final_report.pdf (5.5 MB)


            Danish Government brochure providing useful information on EMS


             the_danish_ecocombi_trial_eudk.pdf (819.6 KB)




            Amendment on the Directive for Maximum Weights and Dimensions of Certain Road Vehicles 

            The European Parliament and The Council of the European Union


             Download PDF (368 KB)



            Letter from Vice-President Siim Kallas on Longer Vehicles 

            Letter outlining issues with Directive 96/53           


              Download PDF (275 KB)




             Key Facts About EMS - leaflet

            The European Express-carriers Association


             Download PDF (1.4 MB)




            A Review of Megatrucks            

            European Parliament Transport & Tourism Committee report 


             Download PDF (2.4 MB)



            Say Yes to Innovation in Europe

            An information leaflet produced by TLN (Transport en Logistiek Nederland)


             Download PDF  (1.6 MB)



            Monitoring Traffic Safety - Longer and Heavier Vehicles

            by The Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure and the Environment


             Download PDF (5.5 MB)


            Monitoring Modal Shift - Longer and Heavier Vehicles

            by The Dutch Ministery of Infrastructure and the Environment


             Download PDF (446.4 KB)



            Longer & Heavier Vehicles in Practice

            by The Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment


             Download PDF  (1.8 MB)



            Vehicle combinations based on the modular concept. Background and analysis

            by John Aurell and Thomas Wadman, Volvo Trucks


             Download PDF(1174 KB)



            European Modular System for road freight transport - experiences and possibilities

            by Ingemar Åkerman and Rikard Jonsson, TFK TransportForsk AB, Sweden


             Download PDF(3841 KB)



            The effects of long and heavy trucks on the transport system - Report on a government assignment

            by Inge Vierth, Håkan Berell, John McDaniel, Mattias Haraldsson, Ulf Hammarström, Mohammad-Reza Yahya, Gunnar Lindberg, Arne Carlsson, Mikael Ögren, Urban Björketun


             Download PDF (1030 KB)



            Truck Masses and Dimensions - Impact on Transport Efficiency

            prepared by Professor Kenth Lumsden, Department of Logistics and Transportation, Chalmers University of Tehcnology


             Download PDF (514 KB)



             Improved Performance of European Long Haulage Transport

             by Haide Backman and Rolf Nordström, TFK TransportForsk AB, Sweden


              Download PDF (3585 KB)



            Three Short Become Two Long, if the EU Follows the Example Set by Sweden and Finland

            Discussion paper, Confederation of  Swedish Enterprise
            by Kenneth Ramberg, Transport & Infrastructure


             Download PDF (675 KB)