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ACEA published new study on High Capacity Transport

May 2019


Download the study here: pdf acea_paper-high_capacity_transport.pdf (438.8 KB)


Finland now allowing 34.5 metres trucks on roads


Finland has extended the maximum length of a vehicle combination allowed in road traffic to 34.5 metres, as of 21 January 2019.



Finnish Ministry of Transport press release



Germany now allows EMS on major roads

14 April 2017 


Germany has become the latest EU Member State to allow EMS combinations on their roads. As of 1 January 2017, trucks weighing up to 44 tonnes and 25.25 meters long are permitted on Germany's major road network.


IRU welcomes this decision which was taken after 5 years of successful EMS trials on German roads.


The relevant legislation is available below, as well as further information from German IRU member, BGL.


pdf legislation_1.pdf (German)

pdf legislation_2.pdf (German)

pdf legislation_3.pdf (German)

pdf bgl_information_overview.pdf (German)



Spain latest to allow use of eco-combie vehicles

11 January 2016


IRU welcomes the Spanish Government decision to allow the use of European Modular System vehicle combinations. Vehicles can be up to 25.25 metres and carry a weight of up to 60 tonnes on the Spanish territory from the beginning of this year. Transport operators who want to make use of the new rules need an authorisation from the Spanish authority.


The Spanish government underlined the increased efficiency, safety and competitiveness of these vehicles and showcased the successful implementation of EMS trucks in other EU Member States. Spain is now the seventh state which has either started trials or has authorised full use of such trucks.


The IRU would welcome the use of or tests with EMS trucks in more EU Member States in order to allow an even more sustainable European transport system.


Learn more


Official Communication from the Spanish Government (Spanish)


How to get an authorisation (Spanish)


Real Decreto 2822/1998 consolidado (Spanish)



Brandenburg registers roads for EMS trial

December 2015


The German Land of Brandenburg registers certain sections of its road network for the EMS trial in Germany which will run until the end of 2016.

Brandenburg is the 13 German Land which joins the trial.


Official Communication from Brandenburg (German)


 Newly registered roads (German)



Nordrhein-Westfalen allows longer vehicles

24 July 2015


The German Land of Nordrhein-Westfalen joins the EMS trial by allowing EMS trucks with a reduced length of 17.80 m. The trial will run until the end of 2016.



Baden-Württemberg joins EMS trial

22 July 2015


The German Land of Baden-Württemberg joins the EMS trial and allows the use of EMS on certain sections of its road network until the end of 2016.


Communication from Baden-Württemberg (German)


EMS Forum press release of 9 September 2013 on the cross-border use of EMS following the publication of a recent independent report on longer trucks ordered by the Policy Department of the European Parliament

9 September 2013


 ems_forum_pr_09092013.pdf (150.6 KB)



EMS Forum press release on the lunch debate in the European Parliament on 18 September 2012

Presentations from the lunch debate providing excellent fact-based information from operational trials of EMS in Germany and combined transport operations in The Netherlands.

18 September 2012


 ems_press_release_18_sept_2012.pdf (56.4 KB)


 presentatie_ems_forum_18092012.pptx (3 MB)


 lang_lkw__september_2012.ppt (7.5 MB) (German)



EMS Forum press release responding to a letter by European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, to the President of the European Commission, and supporting the current legal interpretation of EU Directive 96/53 on the weights and dimensions of commercial vehicles, which now permits cross-border trials of EMS within the EU.

20 July 2012


 ems press release_20/07/2012_final.pdf (199.1 KB)



Following the extensive Danish trials into the European Modular System the Danish Government produced a detailed report into the trial

and a more smaller brochure providing basic information on the EMS. Click on the links below to download the documents.

16 March 2012


 evaluation_of_trial_with_europan_modular_system_final_report.pdf (5.5 MB)


Danish Government brochure providing useful information on EMS


 the_danish_ecocombi_trial_eudk.pdf (819.6 KB)




Open letter in response to CER (European Railways Lobby) report on the use of the European Modular System

18 November 2011


 ems forum letter as pdf (63.4 KB)





Dutch Government Presents Three New Reports on LHVs

26 October 2011


 Press Release as pdf (132.1 KB)


Monitoring Modal Shift report


Longer & Heavier Vehicles in Practice report 


Monitoring Traffic Safety report





EMS Forum welcomes announcement Dutch government to allow EMS vehicles


 Download PDF (22.5 KB)




"Green and Lean Transport" Seminar European Parliament


 Press Release.pdf (62.8 KB)
 Programme.pdf (83.7 KB)



Sierteeltvervoerders kiezen massaal voor lengte van 25,25 meter - Ecobombi Smaakt Naar Meer
by Annelies van Stijn

Download PDF (566.7 KB)





EMS Forum Joint Position

 Download PDF (654.1 KB)





North Rhine Westphalia's Minister of Transport for Euro Combi calls for the approval of large trucks on highways (text in german)
02.02.2009 by Verkehrs Rundschau




Dossier Infrastructures et poids lourds
by Wanda Debauche

Download PDF (2691 KB)





The way forward: What is needed in Europe

January 2009 presentation by G. Snel Belgium Group


Download PDF (1645 KB)





Achieving more efficient and sustainable logistics solutions: a Shipper's Perspective

January 2009 presentation by Michelin in Europe


Download PDF (403 KB)





European Modular System - Presentation by the Netherlands Ministry of Transport

January 2009 presentation by Martin Salet


Download PDF (264 KB)





Ondanks gewichtsbeperking van 50 ton - Veel mogelijk voor ecocombi's

by Ambro Smit


 Download PDF (110 KB)





Minister Camiel Eurlings komt belofte na: Ecocombi's terug naar 60 ton

by Ambro Smit


 Download PDF (1073 KB)





V&W, RDW en TLN blikken terug én vooruit - Ruim baan voor ecocombi's

by Twan van der Heijden


 Download PDF (123 KB)





Bernhard Rijdt exclusief met twee ecocombi's - Van kwekers naar veiling

by Rick Ohm


 Download PDF (105 KB)





Van der Meulen: van bestelautootje naar ecocombi - Ambitieuze plannen

by Rick Ohm


 Download PDF (132 KB)





Van der Wal breidt uit naar twintig ecocombi's - Ontkoppelpunt in Utrecht

by Annelies van Stijn


 Download PDF (130 KB)





Van Rooijen Logistiek houdt het voorlopig bij vier - Ontheffing knelpunt

by Annelies van Stijn


 Download PDF (113 KB)





Duitse industrie is overtuigd, nu de rest nog - Stille strijd rond Eurocombi

by Arnold van Nierop


 Download PDF (77 KB)





Pleidooi voor grensoverschrijdende inzet eurocombi - Met oog op interne markt

by Rick Ohm


 Download PDF (70 KB)